Gavin Weber - youtube channel
Many many videos with step-by-step cheese making recipes, cheese degustations. Very funny guy (probably the Australian sense of humour!). Wonderful ressource, tips, visual examples. (recipes with pasteurized milk, additives and industrial cultures/molds though…)


La laiterie de Paris (the parisian dairy)

Pierre was farming goats in the west of France. After a trip around the world to discover different cheesemakers, he decided to start a urban dairy in Paris. I could not taste his cheeses yet, but I can assure you that his instagram accound shows amazing cheeses! Yogurts, cream, goat cheeses, haloumi etc. The pictures are amazing. His blog (in French, sorry…) gives several homemade cheese recipes as well as reports on cheesemakes and many other information about cheese. If you go to Paris, come by and taste his production: 74 Rue des Poissonniers, 75018 Paris, France.



Buy kefir grains and cheese supply -


Find raw milk


Finding raw milk in Massachussets - List and map of raw milk dairies

Brookford farm, Canterbury, NH
100% grass-fed Jersey and Guernsey cows, non-GMO
Self-service farm store open 7 days 7am-7pm


Open markets

Bernard Gaborit
Organic non homogeneized raw milk from Jersey cows, distributed in organic supermarkets

Farms - products and map